Our Process

Rumah Seni, operates as a creative agency that works directly with non profits who stand to make a change in Birmingham. Our experience has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of what a non profit needs to succeed, from web design, video production and graphic design, we stand with individuals whose stories need to be told.

Brand Strategy

Our approach to branding ensures that your organisation is always poised for success. Whether you are an established business or just an idea, we dedicate ourselves to your vision. Our research driven approach will uncover how your brand reaches its audience and in response how we can strategies to future-proof your organisation and help convey your story. Through our collaboration we will help establish the identity of your business, create a key visual identity as well as a tone of voice your customers recognise.

Web Design

Rumah Seni offers a tailored design and development process to enhance your customer’s digital journey. Starting with initial design meetings, in which we dig deep to understand how you want your website to work for you. Following this we offer high fidelity demos chock full of imagery, colour, and personality. Finally, we move development the final deployment of the product. Where we stand ready to celebrate your new product.  

Video Production / Photography

We understand that your organisation needs dynamic, clear and precise promotion. We offer multiple video formats that best suit you. From social media advertising, short form videos, and full-length promos. We are well connected with multiple media agencies to ensure we always have the best on set. Alongside our video production we also offer full day photography to ensure that we always capture your business in the best light.

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