New and Unruly, here to stay


By Farhan Muhammad


A relatively new voice in the game needs to be heard. Ezzadean a Birmingham based artist is currently pushing aside norms with his innovative sound. His direct and blunt approach is adopted expertly in his music and seen clearly in his latest track ‘New Lungs.’ With his newest EP Bad habits Good intentions to be released before the end of this year, we thought this would be an appropriate time to discuss his craft and how he intends to pursue this career.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for two years. It all really started from writing lyrics in class. After time of accumulating all these bars I thought: what should I do with them? The next logical step was to put a beat behind them and use it. It was all a trial by fire. Learning different techniques, how to get on beat and writing better was all self-taught, lots of research on the internet and trying to put myself into the deep end. I’m still a long way to go but I’m striving for improvement and I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten.

What drives, you to make music and who influences you?  

Honestly just music itself influenced me. Some people choose to listen, and some choose to make it. I took to the latter. I was thinking I have free time I’m young enough to pursue this craft and get better at it. The opportunity was laid out in front of me. 

Goldlink’s music spoke to me, his use of alternative styles really reached out and grabbed me. His sound, vibe and music carry a certain feeling to it that’s incredibly unique. I listen to his tracks and I see him doing things different, that pushed me to go out and try to find my sound. The instrumentation I use now in my tracks is a result of me pursuing to discover my own voice. 

How would you describe your sound? 

I want the music and what I make to be relatable. The lyrics, chorus, hook even the beat I want it to connect with a large amount of people. Someone who sees things from a different perspective. I want people to notice that I see life with more of a fluid perspective.  With each track that comes out I want them all to be individual to each other yet collective in their ideas. 

Would you ever want your Sudanese heritage to be heard in your music? 

Funnily enough my father has told me to explore this actual avenue. He wanted me to use Sudanese sounds. It’s something I’m not able to navigate into currently, with the resources I have. First, I must figure out how to use those sounds to connect to a more western audience. In due time you should be able to hear Ezzadean and Sudanese sounds. Release east Africa into the world

What hurdles have you had to overcome to get to where you are? 

In the early stages of music making. Acquiring sound engineers was vital they are the secret ingredient in the music. Finding a reliable one has proven to be a hurdle. 

People are often against the way I present myself. I don’t fit the character sheet of your everyday rapper. I’m more of an introverted kind of person. I’m selective when it comes to people in my circle. However, this road I’m trying to chase down its incredibly difficult to be that. You must be public; you must be reachable. But I hope to be like Frank Ocean. He hides away then pops out and drops an amazing album. I’m in my early stages of this career. I expect more hurdles and tribulations in the future. The best way to handle these issues is just jump into the deep end. 

How do you think the environment you’re in has influenced sound? 

Putting out music like New Lungs; its very blunt its bait. I know my parents will hear it its raw. It’s a direct connection. And it stems from my environment. Up front Because of that my music is blunt it’s honest.

Why do you feel that students are attracted to underground scene? 

The whole clubbing scene is cool, but the underground gives you more of atmosphere – clubbing is just so accessible the underground scene gives a more exclusive vibe into itself. There’s a speciality to it. Underground you need to put yourself into a headspace and let’s do this. Clubbing is you drink you talk to girls and that’s it. Underground gives you the atmosphere.

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