London based artist with a unique creative vision

Atlas Azure

By Farhan Muhammad


Atlas Azure, a Birmingham raised artist, takes leaps and bounds to showcase his creative expression through poetry, music and dance. Grafting day and night in Brixton, Atlas released his first book of poetry ‘My minds dark fantasy’ in 2017, a collection of ideas illustrating his perspective onto society, love and religion. Most recently he has released a music video ‘Insomnia Do You Love Me.’ He gracefully articulates his sound as ‘Expression. Expression in its full form can’t be capped it can’t have a genre it’s just there for what it is and that’s all it needs to be.’ His poised confidence has lead me to Brixton to interview him to help highlight his ideas and perspective.

Courtesy of @atlasazure

Do you express yourself through dance the same way you express yourself through music? 

For me sing/song writing is easier to express myself. I’m a writer before anything else, then actor then dancer. I fell out of love from dancing as I wasn’t happy with my progress, but I am slowly falling back in love with it. 

In ‘the Letter’ you described yourself as different, how has this affected you and what makes you feel like this? 

In the schooling system I always ended up being with the popular kids/ mischievous kids, but I was never inclined to that group. In all the secondary schools and sixth forms I attended I found people that I could be close to and hang out with, but I’m always talking to different people outside of that. I just haven’t found my group, my tribes still out there somewhere. But we’re slowly forming now, and I’ve got some close friends and now we’re basically now a solid gang now. (in the non-violent way). 

What inspired you to write a song like Insomnia do you love me, what sort of memories did you have to recall? 

Being a hoe, a real hoe. I was going through an ego phase and like 90% of ego comes from insecurities so personally, I was going through some shit I felt like oh, like I’m mildly good looking I’m talented I can talk to this girl. I can do this I can do that. And used it to boost my self-esteem, which is shit and weak as fuck man. Like I’m so glad I left that phase of my life. 

What sort of entities are controlling our lives right now that you were describing in your poem human nova? 

There’s an invisible hand, subliminally controlling our lives. There’s a lot of shit going on that people really miss, and it’s annoying. Because the amount of people that are awake and conscious about things going, on they’re the minority. On an every day level, people wake up check their phone before anything else, brush their teeth eat breakfast then go back to their phone. We’re so disconnected as a society, we’re so broken in our societal structures, and our ability to further in social activities in shit. 

Would you ever sign to a label? And what plans do you have for the future?

I was shunning it for a while, like I was confident on doing it on my own. But if the right opportunity presents itself, and I have peace about it, I can’t see why not but for the most part I’d like to do it off my own back.

An EP’s coming out, I’m doing more auditions so hopefully you’ll see me on the big screen. Second book coming out as well it’s gonna be called ‘tunnel in the light’ it’s a stream of consciousness that I can’t give the date of release for yet.

What were your creative inspirations?

My inspirations for getting into the arts in the first place was the Incredibles. I must’ve been around seven years old.  I watched the film I ran to my mom and was like ‘Is it possible to have superpowers?!’ And my mom was like no ‘but there’s stuff called a green screen and you can do it if you get into acting.’  Since then acting has always been something I’ve chased.

The dancing came from, watching my Father watch ‘You got served,’ seeing the moves they were pulling off the in the film inspired me to the point where I had to chase it. 

Courtesy of @atlasazure

What advice do you have for people struggling to express themselves? 

Spiritually I suggest people try and take time to know themselves and give themselves time to have your own thoughts in your head. Enjoy your life and be present. It’s the best thing you can do. You don’t want to live in the future or live in the past. Being present It’s the most power you’ll ever have, as you. Just live. 

What was it like to perform and debut your poetry book live? 

 It was different because I had a live band. What sort of emotions run through you when you’re playing a stage like that? I think it’s just presence, its being there. Not even I don’t so much feel I be. Especially on stage. I think just be.

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